The Professional Indemnity for Information Technology Consultants - Quotation Form

Premiums from £199.00

To obtain your quotation please submit the on-line form below * = required field

1. Name and Address of Business
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Business Name:
Address 1:
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Date Business Established:
2. Please provide details of each partner as follows:
Name Age Qualification Years experience
3. Please state the total numbers of:
Principals Managers
Technical Personnel Support Personnel
Sales and Marketing Other
4. Turnover including fee income in £:
  UK USA/Canada Other Total £
Total gross fees in last financial year
Estimated Gross Fees for the next financial year
Largest fee from any one client
5. Percentage split of turnover including fees in the past year or if a new firm your anticipated figures:
Type of work %
Sales of own brand
Distribution of other brands
Software product sales
Shrink wrapped / Off the shelf software
Customisable software
Software services
Installation including configuration (no code changes)
Customisation (including code changes)
Developing bespoke applications
Contract Staff
Application Services Provider
Internet Services Provider
Internet services (excluding web hosting)
Web hosting (please provide terms and conditions)
Other Work - please give full details below
6. Please give details of your three largest contracts commenced in the past three years or if a new business expected contracts.
Start date / End date Name of client / Business of client Nature of contract Total Value Income to you
7. Current Insurance Information
Name of current Insurer
Expiry Date of current policy
8. Have any claims ever been made against you?
If so please give details:
9. Are you aware of any circumstances that may give rise to a claim?
If so please give details:
10. Limit of Indemnity Required, please select preference/s

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