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1. Name and Address details
Practice Name: *
SRA Registration Number:
Main Office Address :
Post code:
Main Office Telephone: *
Main Office Fax:
Practice Web Site:
Contact E-mail: *
Date Established

Is your practice an incorporated practice?

Do you have any other offices, other than the main office listed above, for which you are seeking cover ?

If yes please list the addresses
2. Prior Practices - please list the names of all prior practices to which this practice is a successor practice
Name of practice Date Established Date of succession

Have any of your practices above reported any circumstances, incidents or claims in the last 5 years ?

If yes please refer to question 7

3. Solicitors details - give information for Principals, Assistants and Consultants
(Mr., Mrs., other)
Solicitors Full Name Date of
Solicitor status (Principal/ Assistant/ Consultant) Full/Part Time Roll Number
(as shown on practising certificate)
4. Other Staff
Number of non-solicitor fee earning staff :
Number of all other staff:
5. Practice Fees
Total gross fees for the last annual accounting period or, if you are a new practice, estimated fees for the coming year

Does any one client or group of clients generate 20% or greater of your annual fees ?

6. Practising certificate - in the last 10 years has any fee-earner in the practice:
Ever been refused a practising certificate?
Ever been granted a conditional practising certificate?
Been reprimanded fined or otherwise sanctioned by the disciplinary tribunal?
Been reprimanded by the Disciplinary Tribunal
Practised in a firm subject to investigation or an intervention by the Law Society (including the Solicitors Regulation Authority)?
Had an award for inadequate professional service made against them by the Legal Complaints Service or the CCS or OSS
Had a civil or criminal judgement against him or her?
Been investigated by another regulatory body other than the law society (e.g.. FSA)
If YES to any of the above please provide details below  
7. Claims and circumstances
Has your practice, or any prior practice, reported any circumstances, incidents or claims to the Solicitors Indemnity Fund (SIF), the Assigned Risks Pool or to Qualifying Insurers in the:
Insurance Year 2007-2008
Insurance Year 2008-2009
Insurance Year 2009-2010
Insurance Year 2010-2011
Insurance Year 2011-2012


If YES to any other insurance year, please provide claims information from other Qualifying Insurers or the Assigned Risks Pool for all circumstances, incidents or claims reported since 01/09/2000 by your practice and any practice to which you are a successor practice by e-mail to or fax 0845 280 2443

Have any circumstances, incidents or claims reported by you or any prior practice in the last 5 years arisen as a result of the dishonesty of any principal or employee of the practice?
If YES please give details below including how the matter was resolved and the procedures/processes in place to avoid re-occurence
After making full enquiry of all principals and employees of your practice are you aware of any circumstances, incidents or claims that you have not reported to your current or any prior insurers?
If YES please explain below
8. Current coverage
Are you currently in the Assigned Risks Pool ?
If YES please explain below
Has any qualifying insurer refused to offer your firms terms for professional indemnity insurance?
If YES please explain below
Please provide details of your current insurance below
Current Insurer Limit £ Excess £ Premium £
9. Area of Practice
Area of practice (rounded to nearest whole %) %
Administering oaths, taking affidavits and notary public
Agency Advocacy
Arbitration, Adjunction and Mediation
Children, Mental Health Tribunal and Welfare
Commercial / Corporate Work (excluding work related to public companies)
Conveyancing - Commercial
Conveyancing - Residential
Criminal Law
Debt Collection
Defendant litigious work for insurers, Defendant Personal Injury Work
Employment - contentious
Employment - non-litigious
Financial Advice and Services regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority
Landlord and Tenant
Lecturing and Related Activities and Expert Witness Work
Litigious work other than given in any other category
Matrimonial / Family
Non-litigious work other than given in any other category
Offices and Appointments
Parliamentary Agency
Personal Injury (Claimant)
Personal Injury (Defendant)
Property Selling, Valuations and Property Management
Town and Country Planning
Wills, Trust and Tax Planning
Probate and Estate Administration
Commercial / Corporate work for public companies
Financial Advice and Services where your practice has opted into regulation by the FSA.
Intellectual Property including patent, trademark and copyright.
Note total must =100%
Do you provide management services or investment advice to any entertainment clients or sporting professionals?
   If YES please explain below
Has your practice or any proir practice accepted instructions for any class actions or other group litigation?
   If YES please explain below
With which Legal Services Commission Quality Marks or other quality standards, eg. LEXCEL or Investors in People is your firm currently accredited? Please specify below
10. Requested Cover
Please advise limits of indemnity for which quotes are required
Please advise limits of excess for which quotes are required
11. Significant change
Do you expect there to be any significant change to or in your practice in the coming year?
12. Other Material Information
Is there any other material information that may be relevant to this application?
13. Risk Management
Do you have a formal risk management strategy?
Do you analyse and/or review your complaints and claims on a regular basis?
If "NO" to either of the above, please advise below how you deal with handling complaints, ensuring instructions are fully understood and recorded or that conflicts will not result
Are you accredited with LEXCEL?
If "YES", please advise date of accreditation
Do you always use client rule 15 letters?
Do you always use a Retainer/Engagement letters?
Do you have a formal conflicts search procedure in place when opening new files?
If "NO" to any of the 3 questions above, please advise how you deal with handling complaints, ensuring instructions are fully understood and recorded or that conflicts will not result:
Supervision & Delegation
Are regular audits undertaken of assistant and Fee Earner files?
Administration and Organisation
Is all incoming post first seen by a Principal or Department Head before distribution?
Do you have a formal policy that determines when it is considered safe to destroy old files?
Do you operate a diary system?
If "NO", please provide details of the department diary system(s) used:
In the absence of all Principals & fee Earners are proceedures in place for dealing with their workload?
If "NO", please explain workload procedures:
Training & Education
Does the firm have procedures for keeping Fee Earners up to date with Law changes applicable to their work area?
If "NO", please provide details:
Money Laundering
Does the firm have a formal Money Laundering policy
Do you implement client identification checking procedures in all work areas?

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